For the first time in history of the New Holland Island International Debut Film Festival which will be held this year on 6-13 October there will be organized a new project called KINOLABORATORIA specifically made with the support of Hennessy Perspectives for those directors, producers and script writers who only begin the career in the film industry.

On 7-10 October the participants will introduce their projects in progress and will attend some lectures and workshops in order to master their skills. Only 8 projects were selected out of 180 applications, and KINOLABORATORIA generally has received a huge response in Russia. The projects have a vast geography, from Paris to Abkhazia. The authors of two best projects will receive 500 000 rubles for their further development and the winner will be awarded by 3 000 000 rubles for the full production of the short film. The team will also be provided with a series of consultations before applying for international festivals.

The mentors of KINOLABORATORIA are widely known experts of the industry. Among them there is a screenwriter, script consultant and film editor Matthieu Taponier; a story editor and script writer Nadja Dumouchefl; an independent film producer and the founder and managing director of Athens-based production company Horsefly Film Yorgos Tsourgiannis; a cultural manager and film programme Sarah Schlüssel; a short film programmer at IndieLisbo and director of Portugal Film - Portuguese Film Agency Margarita Moz; the lead editor of Non-Stop Production Anton Toktonov and the head of the fiction and documentary film department at Stereotactic studio Sergey Yahontov.