A.I. is the Answer – What was the Question?

77 min / Germany / 2020

Director — Сhristian von Borries

Starring — Vladimir Nadein, Valentina Zubkova
A film by Christian von Borries shows surveillance capitalism's dominance over society's laws of motion, it shows ubiquitous architectures of extraction and execution. There was a time when you searched the internet, but now the internet searches you. And there is one place where all the elements of dark data come together and transform a shared public space into a petri dish for the reality business of surveillance. That place is the city, the "for-profit city". Market players with an interest in your behaviour know how to find your body. The psychological power of the rendition of your body is profound. Actors perform the stylized soothing song of disclosure and agreement for the public. In a world increasingly defined by multinational corporations on the analog-digital interface, Industry 4.0 and Smart City are two strategy promises of the present, associated with great hopes. AI IS THE ANSWER — WHAT WAS THE QUESTION examines these strategies and places. Smartness is an indicator of frictionless circulation and in this similar to the promises of industry 4.0 gradually overwriting politics.