Extracircullar practices
VII Moscow International Biennale for Young Art

An educational programme that mixes current theory and experimental practice and aims to expand the students' understanding of what film and moving image can be.

This programme will bring together a heterogeneous group of participants to jointly search for new forms and meanings to create a dialogue between existing schools and their approaches, as well as non-institutional people, in order to increase aesthetic and political awareness, shatter dogmatic thinking and free from internal constraints.

Working in a group with practicing filmmakers and artists, students will become familiar with how bodily practices and experiments with sound, postcolonial theory and feminism, posthumanist ideas, working with archives and found footage, their own history and mythology can exist in film context and discover alternative possibilities for artistic practice.

This programme addresses the hidden, ambiguous, peripheral, the creation of communities built on collective creativity and mutual support, soft power and conscious resistance to dominant norms and power structures.

Among the teachers are Sarah Kuhlmann, Rebecca Baron, Sasha Litvintseva, Saodat Ismailova, Dina Karaman, Zhenya Myakisheva, Olga Shishko, Yulia Sharifullina, Stas Sharifullin and others.

Curated by Vladimir Nadein, Ekaterina Selenkina, Rita Sokolovskaya.