Dissent Found Footage
Workshop by Vladimir Nadein & Dina Karaman

The workshop was conducted during the independent documentary filmmaking course after one month Russia started the full scale invasion of Ukraine. At that moment a harsh censorship was in place and a new "fake news law" about the Russian army was announced. Any individual breaking the law can be criminally prosecuted up to 15 years in prison.

Few years ago we found a collection of Soviet educational 35mm photo slides on psychiatry from 1966 that portray both women and men with mental disoarders, as well as their drawings retrieved during diagnostics. In Soviet times, as well as in today's Russia psychiatry is one the form of oppression and punishment of the dissident and anti-regime individuals or groups.

Students were proposed to work with intentionally "censored" photo slides, where all the diagnosis and commentaries related to psychiatry or treatment were "erased". Participants got the "abstract" / not-contextual images and didn't know their original source until the very end, and worked with them based on their intuition, feelings and associations.