Banned for 300 Years
Experimental video game by Vladimir Nadein and Gökçe Göbüt, 2024

A 'multiplayer failure simulator' uses language play, game art and documentary records. It is set in a vast maze that would take '300 years' to solve and at its center lie the artists sleeping in a cave, accepting failure as a form of active choice. The multi-layered sonic dimension consists of them having long conversations in their own languages,
ultimately trying out new ways of communicating with each other while trapped in a gigantic architectural labyrinth in a never-ending cycle of day and night. The game can be played in single player mode, or with a second player helping to navigate using the solution printed on the mouse pad. With no conventional means of saving, the player is reminded, by trying to quit the game, to quote Jack Halberstam: "Losers don't leave no

Ludic Territories, Das LOT, Austria, 2024
Pata Play exhibiton at Experimental Game Cultures Studio, Vienna, 2024