Daily News — A chronicle of our days
Russia / 2019 / 60 min.

Director – Dina Karaman
Producer – Vladimir Nadein
Newsreels were one of the most powerful tools of Soviet propaganda. They also make up a significant part of the state film archives. In the newsreels, the recent past presents itself as a monolith of silent images, firmly stitched together by the narrator's voice and soundtrack subtly playing the viewer's feelings. It is exactly this original sound that the artist suggests to detach from. Just two or three minutes long episodes retain the original montage, which was meant to follow the upbeat narration. Flickering images of the past, which perhaps can only become enchanting to us today by revealing their muteness.

Commissioned by Moscow International Experimental Film Festival
With support of Net Film – newsreels and documentary films archive

IV Moscow International Experimental Film Festival
XXIX Message to Man International Film Festival,
Doc Club, Bangkok, Thailand